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Superior filling volume, dual boom tubes, expander bolts as standard, end position cushioning…do we really need to continue? We’ll do it anyways.

With HSP Gripen, we have brought ease of use – driving pleasure – to a new level. Dual hydraulic cylinders1 provide a low and even axle load. The cylinders are cushioned and the unique jaw design provides smooth roll-in and the best fill rate. In simple words, it is about how gently the grapple enters the material and how easily it fills and unloads without creating difficulties. And not least, the grapple maintains its power and performance over time.

Yes, it’s that good Decide for yourself.

We’re a step ahead of our competitors, both in terms of products and ambitions. We do not give you simply what you expect – our grapples will also cater to your needs and challenges in the future.

There is a grapple for everyone.

Since we have the most complete range of grapples in the market we can guarantee that there is a grapple for all times and problems: timber hauling vehicles such as lorries, forwarders and forest trailers, construction machines as well as industrial, recycling and terminal operations

Inhouse production

We manufacture our grapples completely on our own, from the drawing board to finished product. Production is effected via cutting procedures using lasers, robotic gas and plasma welding, auto turning and multi-operation machining using state-of-the-art machines for efficient production. Steel of highest quality is a given (Hardox, Weldox and Domex) and by powdercoating our grapples, you get a working partner that can endure the elements. Stability is ensured by using dual boom tubes1 on all models and a well thought-out design. There is simply no end to the clever features, the proven performance and carefully elaborated details – our aim is to give you the best you can find in the market today and tomorrow.

1 Except for models 015 and 020.


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