The saw cassette for both excavator- and rotator attachment is a smart accessory for example, length cutting, cutting bioenergy materials or tree parts. Also suitable on service vehicles such as multi-use backhoe loaders. This is possible by the brand new excavator attachment. Ideal for cutting and clear cutting work in city environments or in association with storm damages. Individually adaptable for each grapple model or excavator attachment. Adapted for assembly on HSP Gripen 025, 028, 035, 040, 055 and 080 models.

Saw Casette X3M10 X3M19
Saw motor (cm2) 10 19
Width (mm) 214 214
Length (mm) 1040 1040
Height (mm) 409 409
Min hydraulic pressure, motor (MPa) 16 16
Max hydraulic pressure, motor (MPa) 31 31
Min flow, motor (l/m) 80 120
Max flow, motor (l/m) 135 220
Saw bar (cm) 75/82,5/90/100 75/82,5/90/100
Saw chain (inch) .404” .404”, ¾”
Automatic chain tension (automatic) Yes Yes
Adjustable chain lubrication (adjustable) Yes Yes
Automatic saw bar return (automatic) Yes Yes
Max cutting diameter (cm) 50/55/60 50/55/60
Oil tank capacity (liter) 3,5 3,5
Weight, Saw cassette, attachment excl. (kg) 120 120