Electric controls are revolutionizing gripping tools, providing increased efficiency and eco-friendliness in material handling for construction and forestry.

With today’s access to powerful electric controls, it is now possible to apply this technology to gripping tools designed for electrified vehicles in the construction and forestry sectors, where power, speed, and space have previously been limiting factors.

This not only offers advantageous conditions for lower energy consumption and higher efficiency but also potentially yields a positive environmental impact by eliminating the use of hydraulic oils.

The technology will also enable new types of control, measurement, and feedback to the carrier machine, as well as the collection of operational data from the field through integrated sensors and detectors.

At GFPS in Hudiksvall (organized by HHK Hudiksvalls Hydraulikkuster) in mid-June, the Gripen E-power was showcased for the first time to a broader audience. Stay tuned, as we will share more about this.