We are now halfway through the year, providing us with an excellent opportunity to reflect on our achievements so far and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the autumn season.

In March, I took over as CEO after Tomas Jonsson, after commencing service in January. It has been an intense six months, filled with hard work and challenges. At the same time, I have witnessed an impressive fighting spirit and strong commitment within our organization to maintain the high Gripen standard.

Despite some production disruptions and delivery precision not reaching our desired level, we have already implemented measures that will have a positive effect going forward. We are confident that these improvements will optimize our processes and ensure that we can deliver even better quality and service to you. This is our highest priority.


  • We celebrated our 30th anniversary with an open house, proudly showcasing our operations to the public and our loved ones.
  • Our presence at several trade fairs, both in Sweden and internationally, has provided us with valuable contacts and insights into market trends.
  • We have initiated a new partnership in North America, opening up new opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • The launch of our prototype, Gripen E-power, the world’s first electric grapple, has received positive attention and reactions. We look forward to exciting future partnerships around this innovation.
  • We have also strengthened our management team, which we hope will bring new energy into our operations and lead to further development moving forward.

With this summer letter, I want to thank you for your continued support, understanding, and cooperation, and I wish you a fantastic summer!

Best regards,

Maria Flöjt


Our normal holiday period is week 28-31, and we are completely closed between weeks 29-31.

We are open for support, orders and spare parts throughout the period, though with limited staffing. Please place your orders through: order@hsp.se

Our opening hours are 07:00 – 16:00

You can reach our switchboard at +46 652 366 90 or  hsp@hsp.se

The spare parts department can be reached at +46 652 366 95 or shipping@hsp.se