But let’s briefly look back at 2022, which was another record year in the history of Gripen as we surpassed 90 million SEK in annual turnover. Investments in both our organization and our factory in Hudiksvall continued, providing all the prerequisites to continue our growth journey. 


… we have

  • Significantly increased our presence in the market and participated in a record number of trade shows and demonstrations.
  • Launched two models from the Lighter series, specifically designed for forestry trailers and small forwarders.
  • Developed two entirely new product families that will be launched later this year.
  • Installed a new cutting machine, resulting in doubled capacity and even higher quality.
  • Built a new cleanroom for cylinder assembly.
  • Reorganized the factory to optimize workflows.
  • Graduated 10 employees who completed the Gripen School 2.0.


Among others!

And most importantly, we are staying within budget for both production and sales. This is something we are very proud and happy about in the world we operate in currently.

As we are soon approaching a well-deserved summer break for both our employees and machines, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, suppliers, and other friends who make all this possible a very enjoyable summer!

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Gripen 017 –  Lighterserie news!

Photo: FTG Moheda


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