HSP Gripen can sum up a record year for 2022 and continues to invest in its Gripen Factory  

HSP Gripen is looking towards yet another record year, whilst high-volume manufacturing continues and the factory has been reorganised to better cope with the increased demand. As we summarise this year, we can confirm that we have passed MSEK 90 in turnover, a 10% increase over the previous year. We want to extend a big Thank You to all our employees, customers, dealers & partners who have made this possible. We will now continue on the path paved and produce even more of the world’s best grapple “Gripen” that is now getting even better.  

With an ongoing investment of MSEK 20 for 2022-2023, our manufacturing site will undergo a complete layout change. New production units will be introduced and together with automation & robotisation solutions, our production will become more efficient whilst the work environment improves even further.  

2022 was the year when we (in selection)
  • Passed the 50-employee line with the addition of e.g., Stina Ohlsson in Technical Design and Emil Asplund as Export Salesperson. 


  • Introduced a comprehensive conversion of our production flow, which in addition to a new layout included the installation of a new machining centre and a laser cuttingmachine are ordered. Investments that together go beyond MSEK 10 and will continue into 2023.


  • Started the internal on-the-job training “Gripenschool” 2.0 where ten of our employees will get their exams right before the summer in 2023.


  • Delivered Gripen no. 2,500 to our Norwegian Distributor NASTA AS.


  • Upgraded our Big Grapple series with successful deliveries to among others Södra Värö (9000B) and Engbergs Transportsystem (12000B).


  • Started up a number of new OEM/OED* collaborations that will strongly contribute to the next step in the Gripen development. 

*Original Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor  

 In 2023, we will continue on our journey of change, and we are looking forward to a new year together with all of you. Follow us on the web, in our social media channels and through the newsletters for ongoing updates.   

Öppettider under julen 

HSP Gripen will close down production and deliveries on Friday 23 December and remain closed during week 52. On all other days, we remain open for support, orders and spare parts throughout the holidays. 

Our opening hours are 07:00 – 16:00 

Our switchboard is staffed every weekday from 07:00 to 16: 00 and can be reached at +46 652 366 90 or hsp@hsp.se 


HSP Gripen develops, manufactures and markets hydraulic grapples for materials handling equipment under the Gripen brand and product name. 

The main applications include forest transport on forwarders and trucks, material handling and sorting, construction machinery, as well as the handling of large volumes at ports and timber terminals. 

Over 80 different models to grab any imaginable situation! Please contact us for more information, either by visiting www.hsp.se or calling +46 652-366 90. 

In ending, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!