New hirings, new investments, increased profitability and even better products. HSP Gripen, the company from Hudiksvall is continuously breaking record after record. Put simply, this means the delivery of more grapples than before and confirmation from the market that things are going in the right direction. For personnel, the record year of 2018 also means an extra month’s salary for their holiday.

“Sometimes personally it’s hard to see any success because you’re fully engaged with providing, interviewing new personnel and thinking about the next step, not least what the next major investment will be,” says Managing Director, Tomas Jonsson.

And we are fully implementing investments. In the next two years, we will be investing more than SEK 20 million in new machines and equipment to speed up production in the factory and continue to deliver even better products more quickly.

Over the past few years, HSP Gripen has, in addition to moving its operations from Hassela to central Hudiksvall, also expanded rapidly, and the company has taken on many new employees. Most recently, Janolof Joelsson has taken the helm as Sales and Marketing Manager. But what does HSP Gripen’s new employee think? Naturally, we took the opportunity ask.

“The product is top class, our competence is extraordinary and the atmosphere is clearly world-class. Consequently we have a product for which there is a market demand but that also puts pressure on me as a new employee to deliver right from day one and we are already working with new events that will take us to the next level. At the same time as acquiring new customers, we must also take best care of the customers we already have,” says Janolof, Sales and Marketing Manager.

And certainly we have a great deal to do. Our area and workforce are growing, the conveyor belt is going faster and sales are increasing, but that’s not everything.

“Naturally, we could just keep on going and just grind away, but we want our personnel to feel that they are involved and feel at home, for a person who enjoys his/her job does a good job and that will be visible in our products. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our personnel. For this reason we are investing a lot on such things as preventive health care and outdoor activities that allow workers to to feel refreshed both at home and in the workplace; not everything is about money; we want our personnel to feel well,” Tomas concludes.