For many years HSP Gripen has grown rapidly and in addition to hiring, investing and increasing production, we have also expanded our production area. All our production is in-house at our 5,500 m2 premises on Köpmansbergsvägen in Hudiksvall. During 2019-2020, HSP Gripen is investing heavily in our operations in Hudiksvall. The investments are directly or indirectly due to an expansion of capacity as well as quality assurance.
Among other things, the project includes

  • An expansion/conversion of premises
  • A completely new business system (GVS) and certification of this against ISO9001: 2015.
  • A completely new final testing facility for grapples.
  • A new investment in peripheral automation equipment related to a 2-spindle multi-operation lathe.
  • An additional robot cell containing 6 robots and 2 turntables for welding grapples with associated peripheral equipment
  • A new cutting machine
  • Updating/dimensioning of process ventilation
  • Updating of heat distribution to floor radiators with ventilators.

S All in all, this gives the company a completely new platform that will meet market demands for quality and increased capacity for many years to come.
With this we guarantee that the world’s best grapple will continue to be locally produced in Hudiksvall.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions at if you want to become part of our organisation.